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Windmill Hill Farm produces the finest pure raw natural wildflower honey in Michigan


To learm more about our farm visit our farm pages here.

Wildflower Honey - Windmill Hill Farm produces only wildflower honey exclusively from the thumb of Michigan.  Because Michigan has such a wide variety of nectar sources our honey has a flavorful full bodied taste that makes it a favorite as a table honey, for cooking and for mead & beer making.  We sell no varietal honey since manuka trees, orange trees, sage bushes, etc. don't grow in Michigan.  We sell every size imaginable from 2 oz bears to 5 gallon pails; see our catalog for a complete selection.

We're not only proud of the flavor of our honey but of our clean and natural processing environment.  We're a Michigan licensed honey house.  We use the minimum possible chemicals in the care of our bees; the honey has been tested for pesticide residue.  Our honey is raw unflitered and unpasturized.


PARTY FAVORS -  Having a baby shower?  Perhaps an upcoming wedding?  These mini bears are the perfect party favor.  Want a more formal favor, try the glass hex jars.  We custom label so the favor perfectly commemorates the event.  Choose from a variety of label samples, modify as you'd like or let us know what you'd like.  Orders are filled in a timely fashion; click here to order now.



Creamed Honey - We specialize in creamed honey.  Also known as raw, white or whipped honey, it is made by carefully controlling the crystallization process.  The resulting product is smooth, the consistency of peanut butter and can be spread on toast, etc.  Outside of the US, this is the preferred form of honey.  Click here to see the variety of sizes of creamed honey we offer.

There is nothing added to this honey.  It's the same raw honey that is used for all of our products but forced to crystallize quickly.  We have a special room dedicated to cooling, crystalizing and storing the creamed honey.



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Last modified:January 24, 2015