Comb Honey - raw honey comb - natural comb honey cut in 14 oz piece

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14 oz of honeycomb just as the bees made it.

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A traditional chunk of honey comb cut in a 14 oz rectangle. Prior to the advent of extractors and reusable frames in the early 1900s, this was the customary way to acquire honey. This makes a beautiful garnish and tasty treat for a fruit plate or with crackers and cheese. It's also good on a piece of your favorite toast or toasted English muffin. The warm bread softens the comb and it can be spread (you may need to mash it a little). This is packaged in an attractive hard plastic box with a snap on lid. Although the honey comb is drained prior to packaging, the box may leak a little if left on its side. We will ship but be forewarned that the box may be a little sticky when it arrives. Comb honey requires a really good honey flow in order for the bees to quickly and completely fill the combs. Our comb honey is imported from Hungary where the circumstances are ideal for comb honey production. The honey may be floating in a small amount of acacia honey.

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