Honey Resources

Honey Recipes:

Kraft Foods - Kraft offers many (97 by my latest search) recipes that use honey. Just type in "honey" in the box labeled "use what's on hand". Kraft has named honey one of the top 5 foods of 2005!

Alicia's Recipes - Alicia lists over 200 recipes using honey (http://www.aliciasrecipes.com/honey-recipes/default.htm)!! Seems to be a very nice cookbook for recipes in general.

Honey Hill Farm - Not as exhaustive as Alicia's recipes but offers a dozen nice recipes as well as other bee products (http://www.honeyhillfarm.com/trivia.htm). These include Honey Soaps, Soap Slabs, Soap Hearts, Soap Sacks, Liquid Soaps, Lip Balms, Bath Salts, Body Polish, and Honey & Beeswax.

Apiary supplies:

Mann Lake - My primary source of supplies is Mann Lake Ltd. (http://www.mannlakeltd.com). They've a great starter kit including hives, suite and guide book!

Better Bee - Better bee makes a really nice varroa mite screen and removable tray. They've good bottles, feeder and pail rest.

Cutler's Supply - If you're in the Croswell area visit our local bee supply company north of Applegate; good prices, good people. Or, visit them on the web at www.cutlersupply.com

Honey and Honey Production:

Benefits of honey - This web site (https://www.benefits-of-honey.com/) focuses on the health benefits of honey and complimnetary herbs.  The author (Ruth) isn't selling anything but just wants to share her love of honey and her knowledge of it's benefits.

Honeyflow Farm - This is a combination Apiary and vineyard in (of all places) Dryden Michigan (http://honeyflowfarm.com/). There is an excellent pictorial on the whole process of Apiary management and honey production.


Mead Made Complicated - General mead reference including an excellent mead tasting guidelines (http://www.meadmadecomplicated.org/).

Stout Billy's - This is an incredible wine and beer making firm out of New Hampshire (http://stoutbillys.com/). They list approximately 70 mead recipes!! In addition to mead they have hundreds of recipes for fermented beers and wines that are, at the very least, exhaustive and unique.

Got Mead - Got Mead (http://www.gotmead.com/) has mead recipes, forums, calendar of mead events, mead making, etc. A comprehensive resource and a fun site!

Rabbit's Foot Meadery - California producer of a few varieties of mead (http://www.rabbitsfootmeadery.com/).

White Winter Winery - Near neighbors on Lake Superior (http://www.whitewinter.com/).

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